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1. What information can I obtain from the County about a specific maltreatment allegation?
2. What if I disagree with the County's maltreatment determination?
3. Who investigates concerns about the treatment of residents of a nursing home?
4. Who investigates concerns about the treatment of residents in a group home?
5. I have learned the County is investigating a maltreatment concern and I have information to share. Who do I contact?
6. If I make a report, can I remain anonymous or can someone find out I made the report?
7. Why would law enforcement be involved with an adult maltreatment investigation?
8. How long does a maltreatment substantiation stay part of the person's record?
9. What are the reasons the County would screen out a report?
10. How many County staff work in Adult Protection?
11. How many adult protection reports and investigations are completed each year in Blue Earth County?
12. I am not sure if I should report a concern or not.
13. How long does it take to complete an adult maltreatment investigation?