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Election Judge Application Form

  1. Thank You!

    Thank you for your interest in serving Blue Earth County as an Election Judge, we are NO longer accepting applications for 2022. You may complete this online form, when we begin training Election Judges for 2024, you will receive an email with more information.

  2. May we text you at the Cell Phone number provided above?*
    We will only text elections-related information and will never allow others outside Blue Earth County Elections to use this service.
  3. As of the next election, will you be a High School Student?*
  4. Your political party*

    Selecting "No Party" may limit the opportunities you have to work in an election.

  5. Have you been an election judge recently?

    Let us know, by checking the boxes below, of any recent elections experience. If none, skip this question.

  6. Have you signed up directly with a city or town to be an Election Judge?*

    City and town clerks outside of Mankato City hire and appoint their own Election Judges.

  7. Once trained, you will be assigned to work as an Election Judge in the City of Mankato.*

    You will receive training information in a separate email no sooner than 60 days of the the next election.

  8. Election Days You Are Able to Work?*

    Select all days that you are able to serve as an Election Judge, even if it is only for half of the day.

  9. Work hours preference*

    Select ALL that you are able to work.

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