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August 11 Election Supplies Pick-Up Schedule

  1. August 11 Election - Clerk Supplies Pick-Up Scheduling
    Read the following information and then complete the form indicating when you will pick up your supplies.
  2. Supply Pick-Up and Drop-Off Location has MOVED
    Please note you will pick up and drop off election supplies at the HISTORIC COURTHOUSE located at 204 S 5th Street, Mankato. There is a drive-through area on the lower side of the courthouse, you will use that entrance to more easily move equipment.
  3. All Equipment Must be RETURNED After the Election
    You will need to return all your equipment ( tabulator clamshell (not bin) and OmniBallot and printer). You will also need to return your COVID disinfectant and hand sanitizer.
  4. Schedule Your August 11 Election Supplies Pick-Up Below
    Remember, you must bring other people who can help you load and unload your equipment. Equipment may also NOT be stored in your car after picking it up. You must take it directly to a climate controlled and secure location.
  5. Provide a phone number you will answer on the pick-up and return days.
  6. Select Your Pick-Up Timeslot*
    Pick the time slot you will arrive to pick up your supplies and equipment for the PNP election. Remember, you must bring other people who can help you load and unload your equipment. (Select one time slot.)
  7. Once Selected, Your Time Slot is Confirmed
    You won't receive an email from us confirming your time slot. The option you pick is confirmed and locked in for you to pick up equipment and supplies. Be sure to arrive within that time slot.
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