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Taxpayer Services

  1. 2020 Elections Clerk Training

    Blue Earth County city, township, and school clerks use this form to register for the 2020 Elections Clerk Training to be held on June... More…

  2. Clerk Ballot Proof Sign-Off

    Clerks complete this form to sign-off on their ballot(s) after proofing them.

  3. Damaged or Destroyed Property Report revised

    Use this form to report damaged or destroyed property to the Blue Earth County Assessor's Office.

  4. Election Judge Application Form
  5. Manufactured Home Tax Certification Form

    Complete this form if you are requesting a tax certification form for a manufactured home.

  6. Property Information Data Request Form

    This form can be submitted to request all or a portion of the county's property characteristics or taxes information from the Taxpayer... More…

  7. Tax Estimate Request Form

    Complete this form to request a tax estimate from the Blue Earth County Taxpayer Services department.

  1. August 11 Election Supplies Pick-Up Schedule

    Clerks with live election day precincts in Blue Earth County will use this form to indicate when they will pick up their supplies.... More…

  2. COVID-19 Supply Request
  3. Drainage DB Information Request Form

    To request information on a specific ditch file to be added to the Drainage DB online portal please complete this request form.

  4. GIS Data Request Form

    This form can be submitted to request all or a portion of the county's GIS data as it related to property taxation from the Taxpayer... More…

  5. Planning Commission & Board of Adjustment Public Comment

    If a member of the public wishes to make comment and cannot attend the public hearing, we request citizens complete the Public Comment... More…

  6. Subscribe to the Property & Environmental Resources Newsletter

    Complete this form to subscribe to the monthly Property and Environmental Resources newsletter.

  7. Tax Forfeiture Mailing List

    Complete this form if you would like to receive notice of tax forfeited land sales.