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Precious Metal Dealer License

  1. Precious Metal Dealer License
  2. By making your payment through this site, you are acknowledging responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. In the event your e-Check is not honored (example: your account number was not entered correctly, non-sufficient funds), you may be subject to a $30.00 return item charge.
  3. A license will be mailed to this address upon receipt of payment.
  4. The license fee is $75 and is valid for 1 year, per location, from date of issuance.
  5. Per MN Statute 325F.731:
  6. Precious metal dealer.
    “Precious metal dealer” means any natural person, partnership, or corporation, either as principal or agent, engaging in the business of buying secondhand items containing precious metal, including, but not limited to, jewelry, watches, eating utensils, candlesticks, and religious and decorative objects.
  7. Precious metals.
    "Precious metals" means silver, gold, and platinum.
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  9. Contact Information for Questions Regarding Payment Issues
    Jenny Roemhildt, Accountant
    Blue Earth County Finance Department, Government Center
    410 S. Fifth Street, PO Box 3524
    Mankato, MN 56001
    Ph: (507) 304-4456, Fx: (507) 304-4077
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