How do the police shut down a drug house in Mankato?
  • Through citizen complaints – Information from neighbors may lead to a narcotics investigation being opened and a subsequent search warrant. This complaint can originate through 911, even if it is not an emergency.
  • Making a buy – Once the DTF is made aware of a problem address, they will attempt to make a buy at the address. Making a buy can be the most difficult step in the process. Despite repeated attempts, having an informant or undercover officer make a buy may take quite a while or may not be possible at all. If a successful buy is completed, the
    drug is then taken to a lab and analyzed to determine if it is a controlled substance.
  • Getting a search warrant – After a buy is completed and the suspected controlled substance is proven to actually be a controlled substance, police will obtain a search warrant. The search warrant is signed by a judge. Once the DTF observes that the address is actively dealing, they will attempt to execute the warrant. Keep in mind that most information regarding narcotics arrests and search warrants is confidential and not shared with the media or the public.

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3. How do the police shut down a drug house in Mankato?