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Jun 12

Ditch Happenings June 8th - 12th

Posted on June 12, 2015 at 1:11 PM by Acacia Wytaske

Check out that view! Alas, that is not my office, although, the historic courthouse does have some pretty spectacular views, as well. This was my view while attending the CD12 Phase 1 electronic bid opening at the offices of I & S Group on Tuesday, June 9th. It was the first time I & S Group used the electronic bid process for a Blue Earth County ditch project and it was slick! You can access available projects to bid or view the results of a bid by visiting the I & S Group website. Then click on the "BIDDING" link on the top menu bar of their homepage. The online system automatically tabulates the bids. The lowest bid is reviewed, references are checked and then a recommendation is presented to the Drainage Authority. The CD12 Phase 1 bid will be awarded on July 23rd during the Blue Earth County Commissioners board meeting.
Advertisement for bids on CD34 will be published next week and available for bidding online, as well.

Weekly Tidbits:

- Repairs and Improvements; what's the difference?
A repair is when part or all of a drainage system is restored "as nearly as practicable to the same hydraulic capacity as originally constructed and subsequently improved". That means replacing tile with the same size or the next size larger if the original size tile is not readily available to create the same drainage coefficient that was originally installed, which in many cases, was nearly 100 years ago. To view the complete definition, see State Statute 103E.701 Sub. 1.  Recent statute updates now allow design changes as repairs if the purpose is to protect/restore wetlands or to improve/protect water quality.  Normally, however, a design change would be considered an improvement, which is defined as tiling, enlarging, extending, straightening, or deepening an established and constructed ditch, creating changes to the original ditch to add additional benefits for landowners.

- Upcoming Landowner meetings: we are in the process of scheduling informational meetings on CD48 (Cambria Township) in Commissioner Will Purvis's district and JD34 (LeRay Township) in Commissioner Kip Bruender's district to take place in July. Landowners will receive notice by mail once the meetings are confirmed. 

Sunset picture taken with my phone from the steps of the historic courthouse, fall 2013: