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Sep 02

Stewardship Pledge

Posted on September 2, 2016 at 3:33 PM by Ryan Hiniker

Drainage update 9/2/2016

Project updates:

  • CD34 (Judson Twp.) The contractor is still working east of Cnty Rd 112.
  • CD28 (Lincoln Twp.)  Crews are supposed to start back up with the tile install next week 9/6/16.  Very wet working conditions are expected to continue, but any progress is very much needed on this system.

Water Stewardship Pledge: 

Governor Dayton kicked off a “year of water action.”  Part of this year long strategy is the “Water Stewardship Pledge.”  Governor Dayton is asking and urging everyone to take action to conserve and to improve water quality.  In the next year, the governor will be making multiple stops to visit classrooms and other various industries including farm groups, to speak on his plans for water quality concerns.

Water affects all our lives every day, so improving this precious resource is and will continue to be a main focus.  Minnesota is doing well at improving water quality efforts.  Lakes, rivers and ditches are not the only concern with clean water, but also wells and drinking water.  It is said that Minnesota is $11 billion behind in just maintenance alone for some of our out-of-date water treatment and water supply systems.

Wells and good clean drinking water are becoming more of a growing concern.  Central Minnesota is an area of drinking water concerns, where of initially-tested wells, 60% may have drinking water issues.  Obviously more testing is needed and continued study of these areas is needed.

Joining forces as fellow Minnesotans, and everyone pitching in no matter how big or small, will directly improve our precious water resource in this great land of 10,000 lakes.
St. Croix River
St. Croix River photo

10th International Drainage Symposium:

The Drainage Symposium is coming up next week and is hosted in Minneapolis.  The Drainage Symposium is an event for people in the drainage industry.  This two day event covers everything from new technology and products, to improved hydrology, drainage design and nutrient management.  Two of our own local "celebrities" will be guest speakers at some of the breakout sessions. 

Craig Austinson (Blue Earth County Ditch Manager) and Chuck Brandel (ISG Senior Engineer) will be speaking at two different breakout sessions next Wednesday and Thursday.  Craig will be leading the session on “Minnesota Drainage and Completing Projects through Agency and Advocacy Group Cooperation.”  Chuck Brandel will be speaking at his session about “Multi-Purpose Drainage.” 

Besides having speakers coming in from all over the country, there are also a fair number of speakers coming in from other countries like Sweden and Germany, just to name a couple.  There will be lots of topics covered in this two day event and I imagine my notebook will be full when I leave Thursday.

Drainage Symposium

Drainage Minutes:

CD28 (Lincoln Twp.) has been an ongoing issue all summer.  We have been keeping close ties with the engineer to make sure we are doing everything that we can to keep water moving.  It would be very simple to just dig a big trench and empty all the water, but then there’s the issue of sediment and soil contaminating the Watonwan River.  We have tried a few different options and none have been a silver bullet.  The best thing is for Mother Nature to dry up for a while and let us continue putting the new tile in so we can drain all the standing water out in the surrounding area.

JD36 (Butternut Valley Twp.) the areas of sloughing in the open ditches is getting worse with each additional rain fall.  I have been meeting with multiple contractors to get bids to do work this fall after harvest.  If we can stay dry this fall, this project should be a relatively quick project.

CD86 (Beauford Twp.) the failing tile on parts of this system, primarily to the south, have also been a struggle to deal with all year.  We did attempt to televise parts of this tile on Tuesday, not to much success due in part to very muddy working conditions.  Hopefully this repair will be able to happen this fall as well, but some additional landowner meetings may need to be held depending on what we find when we can finish televising the tile.

televising CD86
CD86 televising along CNTY RD. 10


Recent Drainage Inspections – week of August 29 – September 2:

Inspections will be intermittent, but will more than likely be more concentrated around after harvest season time.

  • CD86 (Beauford Twp.) televised pipe for additional damage and blockage.
  • CD28 (Lincoln Twp.) general site inspection and water condition check.
  • JD17 (Garden City Twp.) outlet structure in need of repair…meet with contractor on-site to look at repairs needed.  Should be able to start repairs mid-September.
  • JD36 (Butternut Valley Twp.) ongoing issues of sloughing from early summer storms…needs to get repaired this fall. 

Upcoming Drainage Inspections:

  • CD27 (Butternut Valley Twp.)
  • JD38 (Sterling Twp.)
  • JD49 (Sterling Twp.)
  • CD78 (Vernon Center Twp.)
  • CD01 (McPherson Twp.)



     Ryan Hiniker
    Drainage Management Specialist