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Jul 15

Multipurpose Drainage

Posted on July 15, 2016 at 2:17 PM by Ryan Hiniker

Drainage update 7/15/2016

Project updates:

  • CD34 (Judson Twp.) The crews are doing their best to keep pushing north.  They are now working north across Blue Earth County oad 112.CD34 update photo


  • CD28 (Lincoln Twp.) no update at this point

Multipurpose Drainage Management:

This is a new terminology given to “agricultural drainage”.  This is a great systems approach for both the farmer and those of us working with water quality and public drainage.  There is a sizable amount of funds set aside each year to support these practices which include; runoff concentration, erosion control, peak flow reductions and nutrient and sediment runoff reduction.  Some of these BMP’s (best management practices) are; putting in grass waterways, WASCOB’s or alternative intakes.

The purpose of renaming this category is to call closer attention and concern to this issue.  The end idea from a farming standpoint is to help by improving cropland production with reduced erosion.  Less crop damage is always a plus to the bottom line.  The benefit from a public drainage perspective is less costly repairs due to large scale erosion and blow out issues which just adds more sediment and unwanted nutrients into the water system. 

Take advantage of some of these funds if you’re faced with a year-after-year water issue in cropland.  Start by having a conversation with any of the knowledgeable staff at the SWCD office; they are always very helpful. 

Another opportunity to learn more would be at the Multipurpose Drainage and Soil Health Day: 

multi purpose draiage day

Viewers Meeting:

Minnesota Viewers Association met today in Morton, MN.  Topic of today's discussion was around proximity and the percentage of benefits attributed to proximity to a county public water system outlet.  This can be a confusing subject on how they come up with these numbers.  After listening to the discussion for awhile and hearing others' input on the subject, it became a bit more clear on the process.  I enjoy going to these meetings and learn something new every time I attend.  Ditch viewers don't have the easiest job in the world.  They work in all sorts of weather and have to be knowledgeable in everything from real estate, to appraisal, to hydrology.  They do a very good job of keeping everyone in the association up to date on legislative changes also.

Recent Drainage Inspections – week of July 11 – July 15:

*Not many this week due to busy week with meetings and of course mother nature had something to do with it also.  Hopefully next week will dry out and give me a fighting chance at getting more inspections done.

  • CD 12 (Mankato Twp.) This project is part of the new middle school development area.  Open ditch cleaning and side intakes are all done for the most part.  Some final grading and seeding to do yet.CD12 photo


Upcoming Drainage Inspections – week of July 18 – 22

  • CD 50 (Butternut Valley Twp.)
  • CD91 (Sterling Twp.)
  • CD 27 (Butternut Valley Twp.)
  • CD 86 (Decoria Twp.)
  • CD 93 (Decoria Twp.)


Ryan Hiniker
Drainage Management Specialist