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May 27

We've Moved!

Posted on May 27, 2016 at 4:41 PM by Ryan Hiniker

We’ve Moved!
Drainage move

The Blue Earth County Drainage Management team has moved. We are still located in the Historic Courthouse at 204 S. 5th Street in Mankato, but we are now on the second floor, suite 229. When we are available, our office door is open. When Craig and I are not in, taxpayers can ask for assistance on the first floor of the courthouse.

Recent Drainage Inspections – week of May 23 – May 27.
The following drainage systems were reviewed by county staff this past week. Below are a few notes from those inspections. The full reports for specific issues will be in the June 7 County Board packet, which will be available next week. 
  • CD 83 (McPherson Twp): many instances of sloughing along system.
  • CD 25 (Decoria Twp): identified a couple significant blowouts of ditch banks.
  • JD 01 (Lime Twp): located a beaver dam needing to be removed, as well as general clean up needs.
  • JD 02 (Jamestown Twp): identified a major slough that was blocking flow.
  • JD 11 (McPherson Twp): many instances of sloughing along system.
  • JD 15 (Jamestown Twp): 240 Street in section 24 has some road erosion issues due to drainage tile deterioration.

Upcoming Drainage Inspections – week of May 31 – June 3.
The following drainage systems are scheduled for inspection. Drainage staff will be viewing the entire system and bringing reports to the County Drainage Authority. Property owners may see county staff during the week. 
  • JD 50 (Danville Twp)
  • JD 51 (Danville Twp)
  • JD 07 (Butternut Valley Twp)
  • JD 97 (Lyra Twp)

Redeterminations of Benefit
Redeterminations of Benefit (ROBs) for JD 09 (Mapleton/Sterling Twps) and JD 34 (LeRay Twp) will be started next week as well. You may be asking what a Redetermination of Benefit is? ROBs are when an appointed set of drainage system viewers review the land to determine its value after a proposed improvement to the system is completed. They use a lettering system to classify different benefited land classes. These classes range from A to D. “A” land is the wettest and would most benefit from a drainage project or improvement. “D” class land is typically sloped, gravely/sandy, and drains quickly, so it would benefit the least from a project or improvement.

Memorial Day
Memorial Day is upon us. Please take the time to remember those who serve or have served our country. Thank you to our Armed Forces and their families for all the sacrifices you make.

American Flag

Ryan Hiniker
Drainage Management Specialist