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May 13

Your Input Is Needed & Inspection Process

Posted on May 13, 2016 at 1:11 PM by Ryan Hiniker


Technology in the Field

I want to take some time to share a little insight into how I go about the ditch system inspections.  We at Blue Earth County use a software program called DrainageDB.  This program is where we store our public drainage records and they are available on the Blue Earth County Website. As part of this software program, for the in-field work I utilize an iPad and use the Drainage DB application.  This is a very important tool when doing the inspections. It has the ability to take pictures, make notes, create repairs needed or look at maps of the drainage system itself are all benefits of using the program in the field.  The map feature on the iPad device is very handy for when I’m trying to figure out where I’m at real-time compared to where I might need to be to search for things on the drainage system.

DNR Buffer Map

With the new changes in buffer law right around the corner, your input is needed.  The DNR is the state entity that is responsible for developing the buffer map for the state of Minnesota. This buffer map will be the official map that all other state entities will be using for implementing the perennial vegetative buffer strip laws going forward.

Blue Earth County Drainage Authority encourages all of our constituents to visit the DNR website and review the map for areas that may impact you.   If you have specific comments about the accuracy of the preliminary buffer map, please contact the Blue Earth County SWCD.

We hope that this transition to the new buffer laws is a smooth one.  Please feel free to contact the Blue Earth County SWCD  with your buffer strip questions.

New buffer strips can range in widths from 16.5’ to 50’, depending on what sort of water system they are along. It is well worth your time to educate yourself on how or if this law will affect any of your property.


This is the link for DNR Buffer Map.

Helpful link for additional buffer information.


Ditch updates:

The Redetermination of Benefits for JD34 and JD09 were ordered.  JD34 was ordered February 2016, and JD09 was ordered December 2015.  The viewers have notified us that the ROB will begin next week, May 16,2016.

Not much else happening this week in terms of ditch projects. This is probably the reason…

rain gauge

Ryan Hiniker
Drainage Management Specialist