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May 06

Ditch Happenings & Fishing Opener

Posted on May 6, 2016 at 4:54 PM by Ryan Hiniker

Project Updates:

CD34(Judson Township) Despite some considerable rains the week of April 25th, Cooreman Contracting has made significant progress. Starting at County Road 114, they have installed nearly 400 feet of main line pipe.  With a favorable weather forecast predicted for May, continued progress on this main line installation should continue. 

 CD78(Vernon Center Township) Hulstein Contracting is over 75% completed with the mainline tile installation.  Ground Works Contracting has over 60% of the open ditch cleaning and reshaping project completed.  The spoils from the ditch cleaning will then be spread out over some exiting low areas by Hulstein Contracting.  Both crews have made great progress despite the wet and muddy conditions of late April.                

CD28(Lincoln Township) Vortex Drain Tiling LLC started tile construction this week.  Some sizeable rains have caused a few delays.  Vortex has 275 feet of open ditch cleaned, starting at the outlet and running southwest towards the river.  As the contractor moves through each section of the project, Vortex pans on restoring the affected property areas as soon as their work in the area is completed.  Restoring these area would including regrading and seeding of ditch banks in the affected areas.  Vortex has a sizable pile of rock and pipe, so with the nice weather schedules for this project should be full steam ahead.

Minnesota’s Buffer Law Update

The Buffer Law that was signed into law by Governor Dayton in June 2015 was amended by the Legislature and signed into law by Governor Dayton on April 25, 2016.  These amendments provide clarifications to several provisions of the law, including the buffer requirement by ensuring it only applies to public waters and public ditches.

The dates the buffer strips must be in place were not changed (November 2017 for public waters and November 2018 for public ditches).  Minimum buffer widths also did not change.  The Blue Earth County Drainage Authority continues to watch for additional information and updates, including the Department of Natural Resources’ buffer protection maps that will show the waters and ditches subject to the buffer requirements to be released later this summer.

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Fishing Opener

Mother’s day is here once again with it comes the fishing opener.  For all you anglers who plan on going out on the opener, play it safe.  Don’t forget to do some of the simple maintenance items on your boat and trailer before tugging it down the road. Make sure those lights on your trailer are working, lug nuts on wheels are still tight, and of course that your motor will start are just a few of the simple things.  To all my fellow anglers, have fun, be courteous of others and most of all, be safe. Good luck to all heading out.


Ryan Hiniker
Drainage Management Specialist