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Apr 29

Morel Season and Project Updates

Posted on April 29, 2016 at 8:19 AM by Ryan Hiniker

Project Updates:

(Danville Township) – New ditch installation was coming along fine until mother nature decided to make things muddy with our very measurable rains lately in the last week.  Until things dry up a bit, work on this project will be slower due to all the clay in the work zone.  CD78(Vernon Center Township) – The tile improvement part of this project should be about wrapped up. The subcontractor, Ground Works, is making great gains on the open ditch clean out and improvement side of things.  Things you’ll see in the video below are the actual re-shaping and widening of the ditch. There also will be a new crossing installed to handle peak flows more efficiently.  All of these improvements to the open ditch are to reduce peak flows and maintain better main channel flow.

Click here to watch video of: CD78 Drone Video


Morel Season Is Here

Morel mushroom hunters, your favorite time of year is finally here.  For first- time morel hunters out there, remember these two key things: patience and persistence.  Ask the advice of “seasoned” hunters.  Chances are they won’t tell you their favorite morel spot, but they will be willing to give advice on things to look for in the woods.  A couple things I look for are hill sides and half-dead elm trees.  Morels are not always easy to spot, but keep your eyes peeled and happy hunting.





Ryan Hiniker
Drainage Management Specialist