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Feb 26

Ditch Happenings February 22nd - 26th

Posted on February 26, 2016 at 4:56 PM by Acacia Wytaske

Today, ISG Engineers and the Blue Earth Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) hosted the first of 4 informational meetings on the results from the targeted watershed grant awarded to the Blue Earth County Drainage Authority. Today's meeting focused on CD56 (Lincoln & Garden City Townships).  There was a great turnout!
Mark Origer, ISG Designer, presented details on the findings of the targeted watershed inventory and talked about the recommended repairs.
Take a look at this map (click the map to see a detailed resolution):
If you refer to the Legend, you can see the areas that were identified for potential Best Management Practices (BMPs). WASCOB stands for Water and Sediment Control Basins. This map shows all of the potential BMPs but only some will implemented as part of the CD56 repair.
The next map shows an overview of the CD56 repair (click the map for a link to see a detailed resolution):
After Mark Origer's presentation, Jerad Bach, District Manager of the Blue Earth County SWCD, explained what funds were available for CD56 landowners in the Crystal Lake Watershed area to support the implementation of Best Management Practices on their land.
 Click this link to see the payment rates and then contact the Blue Earth County SWCD to meet with their staff for more information.
Jerad Bach also explained the current information available regarding the new Buffer Law (click here for a link to the handout used).

Next week we will be hosting similar meetings for CD05(Danville & Medo Townships), CD86(Decoria & Beauford Townships), and JD116(Pleasant Mound Township). You can click on each individual ditch to view the notice that was sent to landowners this week.

One last segment for this week's blog; the Governor's Water Summit!

I'm all set to attend the Governor's Water Summit tomorrow and look forward to being part of the conversation of the challenges facing MN's water supplies. If you are unable to attend consider participating online via a web-based livestream, an online forum, and online survey. Please visit this link for details on how you can be involved. The time to act on MN water is now: The Office of the Governor Blog.

Stop back next week for my review of the summit.

Casey Wytaske
Taxpayer Service Specialist - Drainage & Taxation