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Dec 31

2015 Review

Posted on December 31, 2015 at 4:18 PM by Acacia Wytaske

It's the last day of 2015! For this week's blog, I will do a brief recap and update of the major (petitioned) Blue Earth County ditch projects that are in progress, just starting and those wrapping up. 

This was the year for the long awaited CD34 (Judson Township) Improvement project to finally begin. The original petition was received in December of 2012 and presented to the board in January of 2013.  Due to the pressing demands on the limited viewers in the state of Minnesota, the redetermination of benefits (ROB) took over 2 years to complete. We received the ROB in March this year and quickly moved forward with the improvement. Cooreman Contracting was awarded the bid and started with tree removal and weir construction this past fall. The completion date is estimated to be August 31, 2016.  Landowners will see the first installment of the 15 year assessment on their 2016 taxes, if they chose not to prepay the total amount in advance.

The CD28 (Lincoln Township) Improvement, another long awaited project that was also originally petitioned in late 2012, is scheduled to start early spring 2016.  This project was another that was held up due to the lack of MN viewers. The bid advertisement was published on Friday, December 11th, in the Free Press and is available to bid online at the I & S Group website until bid opening at 2:00pm on January 8th, 2016.

The CD12 (Mankato Township) Phase 1 Repair is well underway.  Landowners will see the first installment of the 7 year assessment on their 2016 taxes, if they chose not to prepay the total amount in advance. Phase 2 will be completed after a redetermination of benefits is done.

The CD78 (Vernon Center Township) Improvement will be bid during the first part of 2016, with construction expected to start soon after.

The JD09 (LeRay Township) Improvement was approved in December of this year and is now scheduled for a redetermination of benefits to take place. We expect the ROB to begin early spring of 2016.

The JD38 (Shelby Township) Improvement was officially completed as of January 20th, 2015! The JD43 (Rapidan Township) Improvement, CD02 (LeRay Township) Repair, and the CD50 (Lincoln & Butternut Valley Townships) Repair are all in the very final stages; the work is done and the final payment and televising will be completed early spring.

What a year! Thank you so much for following my blog to stay informed about everything happening in the Blue Earth County Drainage department and other important statewide drainage news. If you would like to subscribe to the blog: Select the "Notify Me" link on the right side menu bar towards the top of this page. Enter your email address to sign in. Then scroll down the page to the Blog list - The Blue Earth County DrainageBlog is the only one to choose in that category. Click on the envelope button to sign up for email notifications. Then go to your email to confirm you've signed up.

Happy New Year!

Casey Wytaske
Taxpayer Service Specialist - Drainage & Taxation