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Dec 18

Ditch Happenings Dec. 14th - 18th

Posted on December 18, 2015 at 3:12 PM by Acacia Wytaske

At this week's Board of Commissioner's Meeting, the JD09 (Le Ray Township) Preliminary Improvement Hearing took place.  The purpose of the preliminary hearing is for the Drainage Authority to move forward with the improvement petition, that was submitted by the landowners, if 4 requirements are met:
1) The proposed drainage project outlined in the petition, or modified and recommended by the engineer, is feasible;
2) There is a necessity for the proposed drainage project;
3) The proposed drainage project will be of public benefit and will promote the public health, after considering the environmental and land use criteria in M.S. 103E.015; and
4) The outlet is adequate
The Drainage Authority found all four requirements to be true and ordered a detailed survey and appointed the ditch viewers to complete a redetermination of benefits.

A request was made for the board to make a motion to accept a corrected Redetermination of Benefits (ROB) for CD28. The corrected ROB reflected the removal of the McMonagle Property that was ordered on 9/8/15 and a clerical error resulting in an increase in total benefits of approximately 0.77%. The motion was accepted.

Two drainage inspection reports were also approved;
1. JD45 (Mapleton Township) was approved to investigate whether or not there is a blockage on the 8 inch tile under the road.
2. CD86 (Beauford Township) was approved to have 3 blowouts repaired and investigate what the cause is.

Weekly Tidbits:

- BIG NEWS! Crystal Lake Clean Up Project Receives $375,000 Grant. Visit this link to see the news story!

- The bid advertisement was published for CD28 (Lincoln Township) on Friday, December 11th, in the Free Press and is available to bid online at the I & S Group website until bid opening at 2:00pm on January 8th, 2016.

- The South Central Drainage Group (SCDG) met on Thursday to talk about what each agency is doing to address the new buffer bill. Each of our surrounding counties manage their ditches slightly differently than us. One thing we discussed that is consistant across all counties, though, is that the SWCD, county water planner and county ditch authority should all be working together. We got some great ideas on how we, as county ditch staff, can support our local agencies and what we can discuss when we meet in the near future to put a plan in place. 

There will not be a blog next week due to the holidays.

Today, I leave you with a picture of my favorite 3 watersheds, taken at the SCDG meeting yesterday. Happy Holidays!

Casey Wytaske
Taxpayer Service Specialist - Drainage & Taxation