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Oct 23

Ditch Happenings Oct. 19th - 23rd

Posted on October 23, 2015 at 2:24 PM by Acacia Wytaske


Tis the season! The crop season that is. As the crops are coming off, the ditch inspection requests are coming on strong.

At this week's Board of Commissioner's Meeting, two Drainage Inspection Reports were approved; 
1. CD96 (Danville Township) was approved to have a failing tile outlet replaced.
2. JD48 (Butternut Valley)was approved to have a blowout repaired and further investigation during the blowout repair to determine the tile condition. Additional repairs may be needed. Here's the field view of the blowout:

We are expecting to have quite a few ditch inspection reports to present for approval at the next Board of Commissioner's Meeting on November 3rd, 2015. In the last 2 weeks, Ditch Manager, Craig Austinson has been out doing inspections on the following ditches:
JJD01 Le Sueur (Lime Township)
JJD02 Le Sueur (Jamestown Township)
JD32 (Pleasant Mound Township)
JD34 (LeRay Township)
JD36 (Butternut Valley)
JD48 (Butternut Valley Township)
CD25 (Decoria Township)
CD27 (Lincoln Township)
CD35 (Mapleton Township)
CD56 (Garden City Township)
CD57 (Beauford Township)
CD78 (Vernon Center Township)
CD83 (McPherson Township)

When a landowner comes across damaged tile in the field or an issue on an open ditch, and believes it is a county ditch, they call the ditch department to report the issue. Once a report has been filed, Ditch Manager, Craig Austinson goes to the site and inspects the tile to confirm that it is a county ditch issue, then he writes up a report to submit to the Board of Commissioners.  The report includes information like who reported the issue, where the issue is located, what the issue is, the current ditch budget, a recommendation for repair and what contractor to assign.  Once the Board of Commissioners has approved the inspector's report, the repair is scheduled.

I talked about the ditch budget and annual ditch levies in my September 14th - 18th blog if you'd like to learn more about how the ditch budget is managed.

Do you have an issue to report? Give me a call!

Casey Wytaske
Taxpayer Service Specialist - Drainage & Taxation