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Oct 16

Ditch Happenings Oct. 12th - 16th

Posted on October 16, 2015 at 1:53 PM by Acacia Wytaske

This week we sent out the hearing notice and the property owner's reports to all landowners on CD78 (Vernon Center & Garden City Townships).  The property owner's report gives an explanation of the determination of benefits for each parcel. It also gives a very rough estimate of what the repair assessment for each parcel will be.  It's important for landowners to review this information and schedule an appointment with the viewers to discuss any issue that is not clear in the reports. Appointments will take place at the Wellcome Memorial School on October 29th. Please contact me, Casey Wytaske, to schedule an appointment. The property owner reports, as well as, the hearing notice, the benefits and damages statements, and the determination documents can all be viewed online through our DrainageDB portal under the CD78 file.

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Blue Earth County is coordinating development of a local plan to maintain and improve the quality, quantity and biological diversity of wetlands throughout the County.

The Comprehensive Wetland Protection and Management Plan for Blue Earth County will use locally-determined, scientifically-based methods to:
    - Identify and protect high priority public value wetlands
    - Identify and prioritize strategic selection of wetland replacement sites based on local public values
    - Allow flexibility for Blue Earth County and the City of Mankato to administer the Wetland Conservation Act to protect priority wetlands and encourage restoration of wetlands in priority areas.

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