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Apr 14

Drainage Update 4/14/2020

Posted on April 14, 2020 at 11:33 AM by Ryan Hiniker

Drainage update 4/14/2020


Upcoming Drainage Hearings or Meetings:

  • In response to the current COVID 19 situation, all hearings and meetings for drainage have been postponedWe will send out new notices for all hearings and meetings that need to be rescheduled.                                                                                             

Drainage Update:

Not a lot going on in the drainage world for news lately.  With the current situation of COVID-19, and many things being temporally shut down, many of the usual drainage and water quality seminars are being canceled or postponed.

Some spring flooding is causing some temporary closures to parts of some state parks, including parts of Fort Snelling.  Just when the weather was starting to warm up and people are getting eager to escape the confines of their homes, the rivers are just too high now for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy most parts of Fort Snelling State Park, at the moment.

Many of the state parks are still open to visitors and outdoor enthusiasts, if you practice your social distancing skills.  The human interaction portions of the parks remain closed, such as camping, visitor centers and gift shop areas.

Repairs are in full swing as we currently have five plus contractors making repairs actively across the county.  The window of opportunity to get lots of repair work done is small, which requires many crews working hard before crops get planted.  This spring is just as busy as the years past, but with considerably less water and rain to deal with.

We have two repairs that are fairly large scale.  Both repairs are over in the Lake Crystal area.  One larger repair is on the west side of the city of Lake Crystal and involves boring a brand-new tile underneath Minnesota Highway 60, without closing any of the lanes of traffic.

The second larger repair, involves tile that is over one hundred years old, running down the center of Blue Earth County Road 32, in Lincoln township.  We had a sink hole issue in the road surface last year, along a portion of this same old tile line.  The future of this tile is going to be to relocate the tile out from under the actual road surface area.  Having an old tile, or any tile line for that matter, run under a road surface is not only potentially dangerous, but problematic for maintenance and repairs.  We don’t have many old tile lines that run under a road surface for long stretches, mostly just tile across the road.  Check out the photos below from the sink hole it created in the driving lane of the road surface.  Thank goodness no one was injured by this hole.  A car could have very easily fit inside this hole.                                                                                                                     

Project Updates:  

  • CD48 (Cambria Twp.)  Nothing new from last week.
  • JD09 (Le Ray Twp.)  South portion of this improvement project has all checklist items completed.  The north portion of the improvement still has a few remaining items on checklist.
  • JD34 (Le Ray Twp.)  To my knowledge, crews are still trying to finish final checklist items.  We expect things to be finished very soon.
  • CD05 (Medo and Danville Twps.)  Tree clearing and brush cutting has started on the south end of this system.  Crews are slowly working their way north.  Once the tree clearing and brush removal is complete, the ditch cleaning crew will come in and start cleaning and reshaping the actual ditch area.  We do have plans to install many water quality intakes, along high erosion areas of the open ditch.  We are fortunate enough to receive some funding for these water quality intakes.  The funding will cover 50% of the cost to install these new proposed water quality intakes.


Recent Drainage Inspections:

  • CD87 (Garden City Twp.)  We are still working on getting some bid numbers for the repair boring of a county tile.
  • CD35 (Mapleton Twp.)  Inspected repairs made to multiple areas last week.
  • CD50 (Lincoln Twp.)  Crews made two tile repairs, fixed a slough area along the open ditch and installed a new ASI side intake (water quality intake), photo below.CD50 new ASI
  • CD55 (McPherson Twp.) Inspected area of tile collapse.  Old shallow tile in areas.
  • JD15 (Lincoln Twp.)  100 year old tile collapsed under a county road.  This tile collapse created a large sink hole in the driving lane.  Crews are working on resolving the issue to get the road back open and safe as soon as possible.  Photo below doesn't look like much, but it is actually 10' X 10' X 6' deep in this photo.JD15 CSAH 32 sink hole
  • JD03 (Danville Twp.)  We are making plans to do some light ditch cleaning and maintence to portions of this open ditch area.
  • JD48 (Butternut Valley Twp.)  We had a contractor make repairs to a driveway crossing of segmented concrete, that was separating and causing sink hole issues.  Pushed the segments together, wrapped in fabric cloth, cemented the joints, should be good for many years again.
  • JD09 Bro. (Cambria Twp.)  We had a contractor install two new ASI water quality intakes.  They turned out very nice and things are seeded down, now we need the grass to grow.

We require that all repairs to a county drainage system (tile or open ditch) be authorized by one us in the drainage office, either Craig or myself, before any repairs are made.




Ryan Hiniker

Drainage Management Specialist