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Oct 08

Ditch Happenings Oct. 5th - 9th

Posted on October 8, 2015 at 2:13 PM by Acacia Wytaske

At this week's Board of Commissioner's Meeting, two Drainage Inspection Reports were approved; 
    1. JJD01 (Lime Township) was approved to have approximately 1000 feet of open ditch cleaned in Section 23.

Here's a picture of what the ditch looks like before it's been cleaned.  You can hardly tell it's a ditch at all. 

    2. CD35 (Mapleton Township) was approved to have a culvert replaced due to rust corrosion of the current culvert.

-Joint Ditches

You may have noticed that JJD01 has two J's. This isn't a typo. Typically ditches are titled "CD" or JD".  CD stands for County Ditch & JD stands for Judicial Ditch. When you see "JJD", that stands for Joint Judicial Ditch, meaning that the ditch is shared with another county. JJD01 is a Joint Judicial Ditch with Le Sueur County.

This may cause you to wonder, how can the Blue Earth County Drainage Authority approve repairs to a county ditch that is shared with another county? A resolution of the Joint Ditch Authority gives each individual Ditch Authority authorization "to make repairs to that portion of each of the joint ditches within their jurisdiction in an annual amount not to exceed $5000 per occurrence and $20000 per ditch per calendar year."  Blue Earth County communicates with the other county on all repairs made to a joint ditch, regardless of the amount. When repairs are more than $5000 per occurrence or $20000 per ditch per calendar year, the Joint Ditch Authority meets to discuss and approve those more expensive repairs.

Casey Wytaske
Taxpayer Service Specialist - Drainage & Taxation