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Sep 11

Ditch Happenings Sept 7th - 11th

Posted on September 11, 2015 at 2:28 PM by Acacia Wytaske

Casey Wytaske, Taxpayer Service Specialist/Drainage & Taxation, here to blog about the ditch happenings going on in Blue Earth County. Last week, I took a week off from the blog while on vacation. Before we delve into the world of ditches, I'll share this shot we took in Haarlem, NL (I'm the second from the right).  Just imagine the drainage infrastructure that Holland uses with their management of agriculture and all the water canals that run through the country...pretty fascinating.

Back in Blue Earth County we started the week off with 2 ditch hearings during the County Commissioner's meeting. 
    1. During the CD28 (Lincoln Township) Final Improvement and Redetermination of Benefits Public Hearing, the Drainage Authority voted to accept the viewer's redetermination of benefits with the recommended changes presented by the viewers, as well as, removing additional property listed for benefits. They also approved the Final Engineer's Report for the Improvement to CD28.
    2. For the Removal of Property from CD28 (Lincoln Township) and JD15(Lincoln Township) Continuation of Public Hearing, the board voted to remove the Petitioner's property.

For complete details on these hearings, please watch the recorded Commissioner's Meeting on the Blue Earth County YouTube Channel or by reading through the minutes once they are published.

Weekly Tidbits -

- Two repair petitions have recently been submitted; CD50 (Lincoln Township) and CD56 (Lincoln & Garden City Township). You should expect to hear more about these ditches in the upcoming weeks.

- In my August 10th - 14th blog, I wrote a recap of the Agricultural Drainage and Future of Water Quality Workshop held on August 13th. Six of the featured project presentations from the workshop are now available online at  You can view the videos and print the materials.

 - Craig Austinson, Ditch Manager, and Chuck Brandel, ISG Engineer, are scheduled to present on the CD 57 project at the MN Water Resources Conference in October.  Click here for more information on this upcoming event.
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