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Jul 31

Ditch Happenings July 27th - 31st

Posted on July 31, 2015 at 11:49 AM by Acacia Wytaske

This week was pretty quiet on the ditch front.  Craig was out doing several inspections of reported issues and I've been prepping for upcoming meetings and hearings.  The notices have to be timed right and published accordingly. State Statute requires notices to be sent to landowners and published within a specific time period. It can get tricky because the time periods and the way notices are published all vary.
Here are some examples (the excepts below are taken directly out of State Statute Chapter 103E):

Final Hearings
The auditor shall notify the drainage authority, auditors of affected counties, and all interested persons of the time and location of the final hearing by publication, posting, and mail. A printed copy of the final hearing notice for each affected county must be posted at least three weeks before the date of the final hearing at the front door of the courthouse in each county. Within one week after the first publication of the notice, the auditor shall give notice by mail of the time and location of the final hearing to the commissioner, all property owners, and others affected by the proposed drainage project and listed in the detailed survey report and the viewers' report.

Preliminary Hearings
At least ten days before the hearing, the drainage authority after consulting with the auditor shall give notice by mail of the time and location of the hearing to the petitioners, owners of property, and political subdivisions likely to be affected by the proposed drainage project in the preliminary survey report.

Removal of Property Hearings
When the petition is filed, the drainage authority in consultation with the auditor or the secretary shall set a time and location for a hearing on the petition and shall give notice of the hearing by mail to the owners of all property benefited by the drainage system, and either in a newspaper of general circulation within the affected drainage area or by publication on a Web site of the drainage authority

The Agricultural Drainage and the Future of Water Quality Workshop is fast approaching. Are you registered? Check out this awesome line-up and sign-up today! (Click the picture to link to the registration form):

Weekly Tidbits:

 - The CD12 Phase 1 Preconstruction Meeting took place on Thursday afternoon. Forsberg Drainage & Excavation plans to start construction on August 3rd, 2015 and expects the construction to take approximately 1 month to finish. The contracted finish date is December 1st, 2015.