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Jul 24

Ditch Happenings July 20th - 24th

Posted on July 24, 2015 at 3:40 PM by Acacia Wytaske

Four ditch items were on the agenda at this week's Blue Earth County Commissioner's Board Meeting. 

  1. For inspection reports, a tile repair and replacement of the surface intake was approved on JD20 (Lyra Township).
  2. A Public Hearing for the Final Improvement and Redetermination of Benefits for CD28 was set for 9:30am during the September 8th, 2015 Blue Earth County Board of Commissioners Meeting.  Notices will be sent to the landowners on CD28 and also published in the Free Press.
  3. A public hearing on the petition for removal of property from CD28 & JD15 was set for 10:15am on September 8th, 2015. Notices will be sent to the landowners on CD28 & JD15 and also published online.
  4. The Bid for Repairs on CD34 (Judson Township) was awarded to Cooreman Contracting from Claremont, MN. Construction will begin on the open ditch portion soon, followed by work on the mainline pipe after harvest, and is estimated for completion by August 31, 2016.

You can watch the meeting on YouTube by visiting this link: Blue Earth County YouTube Channel

On Tuesday afternoon, we hosted an informational meeting for landowners on CD48 (Cambria Township). CD48 was built in 1917. Engineer Chuck Brandel of I and S Group explained different options that the landowners could explore for repairing and/or improving the system. Similar to the meeting we had last week on JD34, there was a consensus among the attendees that an improvement should be made. Check last week's blog for details on what happens in the process to proceed with an improvement to a ditch system. Here's a visual of the steps:
Image by I & S Group

After the meeting, I stood by the edge of the prairie to briefly enjoy the view  and was dive bombed by this little gal. I must have been too close to her nest.

We have received the Final Engineer's Report on CD78 (Vernon Center Township).  You may view the report by visiting the CD78 file in the DrainageDB portal. The viewer's are just about done with the Redetermination of Benefits, so expect to see more activity with this ditch in the next few weeks.