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Jul 08

Ditch Happenings July 6th - 10th

Posted on July 8, 2015 at 4:30 PM by Acacia Wytaske

The CD28 (Lincoln Township) Viewer's Redetermination Reports are in! This is big news, folks!!! The original order for the redetermination of benefits was signed on June 11, 2013, over 2 years ago. At this time, two years to complete a redetermination of benefits on a ditch system is a typical time frame, however, the McMonagle petition hearing was being held up during the wait. We will now be able to proceed with the petition hearing, as well as, have the final improvement hearing so construction can begin. Cheers!  Landowners will receive copies of the redetermination reports, notice of the hearing dates and information regarding meeting with the viewers by the last week of July. Both hearing dates will be set on July 21st during the Blue Earth County Commissioners board meeting.

Earlier this week, we met with Jared Bach of the
Blue Earth County SWCD to discuss ways our departments can work together towards water quality and conservation.  The SWCD has priority areas that often have drainage ditches included or are in close proximity.  By keeping communication open regarding ditch projects, we may find ways to collaborate our improvement efforts.

The CD34 (Judson) Bid opening took place on Tuesday, July 7th at 2:00pm. You can access available projects to bid or view the results of a bid by visiting the
I & S Group website. Then click on the "BIDDING" link on the top menu bar of their homepage. The CD34 (Judson) bid will be awarded on July 21st during the Blue Earth County Commissioners board meeting.

One of my favorite educational meetings to attend is the quarterly MN Viewer's Association Seminar, which takes place tomorrow.
The main focus of tomorrow's meeting will be on the process of establishing benefit classifications, identifying lands within these benefit classes, and the types of benefits applied to each class in the viewing process. Wondering what the viewing process is? I wrote about it in my June 15th blog, go check it out!