Licenses & Permits

Licenses & Permits Offered by Departmental Area

License Center

The Blue Earth County License Center located in the Government Center handles drivers licenses, motor vehicle registration and transfers, recreational vehicle licensing, hunting and fishing licenses, official filings, birth certificates, death certificates and marriage licenses.

Blue Earth County Administration

Blue Earth County Administration in the Historic Courthouse administers a variety of licenses and permits including auctioneer licenses, firework permits, gambling permits, liquor licenses, precious metal dealer licenses and tobacco licenses.

Human Services/Social Services

Located in the Government Center offers the following licensing options:

Sheriff's Office

The Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office located in the Justice Center administers the following permits:

Public Works/Parks

The Highway Department offers a variety of permits including, but not limited to; adopt-a-highway, parade, utility in right-of-way, road closure, annual transport, and single-time transport permits.

Property & Environmental Resources

Located in the Government Center, the Property & Environmental Resources Department handles the following types of permits: