Building Permit Information

The Blue Earth County Assessor’s Office receives building permit information. This information helps the appraisers identify which properties to review to ensure our records are complete and up-to-date.

The appraiser will follow up on most permits during the year of the permit and until the work is completed. This may mean the appraiser comes out over the course of many years for larger or more time-consuming projects.

Do You Need a Building Permit?

Since building permits are not issued by the assessor’s office, we cannot tell you what projects require a permit. In fact, since most jurisdictions administer their own permits, the requirements may vary. It is the property owner’s responsibility to check if a permit is required.

Below is a list of jurisdictions and information for their permits. Even if your jurisdiction isn’t listed here, you should contact your city, township, or Blue Earth County's Environmental Services Department to inquire about permit requirements.
  • All townships in Blue Earth County (except Lime Township and Mankato Township) have permits issued through the county’s Environmental Services Department.
    • Phone: (507) 304-4381
  • Lime Township and Mankato Township permits are issued by the City of Mankato.
    • Phone: (507) 387-8599

City Permitting Contacts