How Do I Vote?

Vote Early by Absentee Ballot

You can vote early if you wish - you no longer need a reason or excuse. You can request a ballot be mailed to you to vote from home, or you may vote in the County's Elections Office during the 46 days prior to the election. 

More information about voting early can be found on our Absentee Voting page.

Vote on Election Day

Go to your polling place on Election Day. Generally, you vote in the neighborhood where you live. If you recently registered, you will receive a postcard that tells you the location of your polling place. You can also look up your polling place location online by entering your address in the Polling Location Finder. You can also call (507) 304-4341 or email the Blue Earth County Elections Division for the address of your polling place in Blue Earth County.

An election judge will check if you are on the list of voters and, if so, have you sign the list. Then you will receive a ballot. 

How to Vote

An election judge will show you how the ballot works and you can ask for help with reading or marking the ballot, if you need it. After voting, take your ballot to the ballot box. How you vote is secret, asking people about their votes or campaigning is not allowed in or around the polling place.

All polling places should be fully accessible with clearly-marked accessible doors and parking spaces. If you cannot easily leave your car, you can ask for the ballot to be brought out to you in your car.

Voting by Mail Ballot

Many voters in Blue Earth County automatically vote by mail.  About 46 days before the election, all registered voters in these mail ballot precincts will be mailed a ballot and instructions. They can vote that ballot, following the instructions, and return it in the postage-paid envelope.  Mail voters can also return their ballots in person to the County's Elections Office.