Passport Renewals

Application for Passport Renewal By Mail

To renew your passport, you must fill out a DS-82 form. This form should be used for renewing a previously-issued U.S. passport either by mail or in person.

There are five criteria for using this form. Please use the following checklist to see if you are eligible to apply with a DS-82 form:

  • I can submit my most recent passport.
  • I was at least 16 years old when my most recent passport was issued.
  • I was issued my most recent passport less than 15 years ago.
  • My most recent U.S. passport book and/or U.S. passport card has not been lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • I use the same name as on my most recent passport; or since my passport was issued, I have had my name changed by marriage or court order and can submit proper documentation to reflect my name change.

Passport Renewals for Minors

Minors, under 18, must complete a first time application to renew a passport and present proof of parentage (birth certificate). 

Minors, under 18, that do not possess their own identification will need a parent to present theirs.

Minors, 15 years and under, must have both parents' consent to apply for a passport.  This means both parents must be present. If special circumstances apply, please contact our office for more information. 

Download and fill out a passport application (DS-11) before visiting the Passport Agent located on the 2nd floor of the Government Center. 

Passport photos can be taken at our office. There is a $20 fee for new photos. 

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the passport application.