Mental Health Center - Clinical Services

Blue Earth County Mental Health Center is certified by the Department of Human Services as a Rule 29 Clinic. The Mental Health Center provides a menu of outpatient services to assist people with managing mental health symptoms and overall well being.

Psychiatric Services
Psychiatric or medication management services are available for adults and provided by either a psychiatrist or advanced practice nurse.

Therapy Services

Services to assist people manage his or her mental, emotional or behavioral health and relationship difficulties.

Psychological Testing

Testing to objectively measure behavior to assist with diagnostic clarification and treatment recommendations.

To request adult mental health services:
  1. Print out and complete all areas on the Blue Earth County Mental Health Center Intake Form.
  2. Read through and keep a copy of the following documents
3. Print and sign a Consent For the Release of Information for each
doctor, therapist, hospital, county, or other mental health provider
from which you have received mental health services in the past
five years.
4. Mail or fax all forms to Blue Earth County Human Services,
ATTN Mental Health Center Intake.

Mail: 410 S. 5th St.
PO Box 3526
Mankato, MN 56002-3526

Fax: (507) 304-4160

Please contact Lisa Farasyn at (507) 304-4119 if you have questions or need to complete an intake by phone.

Appointments will not be scheduled until the Blue Earth County Mental Health Center Intake Form has been received.