Acceptable Materials

These plastic items, numbers 1, 2 & 5s are accepted for recycling at both the drive-through and the drop-off locations:
* Bottles (with Caps)  Medicine bottles
  Butter / Cottage Cheese Tubs  Pop bottles
  Coffee Cans
 Water & Milk Jugs
  Detergent & Soap Bottles
 Water Bottles
  Ice Cream Buckets  Yogurt Cups

*Please leave the caps on bottles. If you remove the cap, the cap will fall out of the recycling process and be swept up as trash.

Also, do not place recyclables in plastic bags. Please use paper bags instead. Recycle plastic bags at the store where you got them.

Non-Acceptable Materials

These items are not recyclable:
  • Flexible Packaging (chip bags, pouches)
  • Plastic wrap or films
  • Plastic bags (take bags back to the store where you got them)
  • Styrofoam cups, containers or packaging

​Plastic Recycling

Post-consumer plastics can be remanufactured for a wide array of products including carpet, upcycled polyester for clothing, recycled plastic building materials or outdoor furniture, decking, and playground equipment. Plastic milk & juice beverage containers are the only type of plastic that can be remade into other beverage containers. Every time plastic is recycled, the polymer chain grows shorter, which reduces it's quality. The same piece of plastic can only be recycled about 2-3 times before its quality decreases to the point it can no longer be used.
Plastic Recycling Process

Additional Information

For more information, send an email or call (507) 304-4251.