Acceptable Materials

These materials are accepted at both the drive-through and drop-off locations:
  • Books:
    • Paperback
    • Hardcover (a few at a time)
  • Brown Paper Bags
  • Cartons
  • Catalogs
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Envelopes, including manila & those with cellophane windows
  • Junk mail
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers and glossy inserts
  • Office paper
  • Paperboard (like cereal and shoe boxes)
  • Phone books
  • Pop boxes
  • Post-It Notes

Reminder: Do not place your recyclable items in plastic bags. Please use paper bags instead.

Non-Acceptable Materials

These paper products are not recyclable at the Recycling Center: 
  • Pizza boxes, because of the grease (may be composted)
  • Dark colored papers, such as a black malfunction from a copier
  • Egg cartons, because of the glue (may be composted)
  • Paper tubes, because of the glue (may be composted)
  • Shredded paper 
  • Plastic-lined envelopes
  • Tissue paper
  • Release paper from stickers

​Paper Recycling

  •  Junk Mail & Newspaper - recycled into books, magazines, office paper, egg cartons, etc.
  • Recycled Notebook & Computer Paper - recycled into toilet paper, tissue paper, paper towels, napkins, etc. 
  • Magazines - recycled into newspaper or new cardboard boxes
  • Paperboard - recycled into additional paperboard, paper towel rolls, or paper backing for roof shingles
  • Cardboard - recycled into paper bags, packaging products, and new cardboard boxes.
  • Other- recycled into padded mailer envelopes, kitty litter, and insulation. 
Unlike most other recyclable items, paper has a shorter lifespan for recycling. Paper is made up of long fibers, so every time paper is recycled those fibers are shortened, making it harder to recycle the next time. On average, paper can be recycled up to 5-7 times. Short fibers can still be used to make things such as egg cartons. 

Additional Information

For more information, call (507) 304-4251.