Assessments / Appraisals

Property Assessment Overview

Minnesota state law requires properties to be physically inspected at least one time every five years. Inspections typically occur during the summer and fall of each year. It is necessary for the appraiser to view the interior of the property to document the amenities and determine the quality and condition of each property. The review also helps determine the use of the property.

Assessments are completed by appraisers who are licensed by the State of Minnesota. Additional support is provided by assessment specialists.

Assessment Process

The two main steps in the assessment process are:
  1. Valuation of Property - Property is valued as of January 2 of each year. The assessor and appraisers collect information on each property and review sales information on sales occurring in the county to determine the value.
  2. Classification of Property - Property is also classified each year on January 2. There is a list of possible classifications provided in Minnesota state law. The appraisers and assessor select the appropriate classification based on the use of the property.

Find Property Characteristic / Parcel Information

The County’s property characteristics information system is available online. This provides building and land details, sales information, and property reports on all types of properties in Blue Earth County. You can search by address or parcel number.

Questions and Concerns

Assessments are certified annually by the Blue Earth County Assessor's office. Questions regarding property assessments may be directed to (507) 304-4251.

You may also email an appraiser directly by choosing the appropriate property type below:

Property Type Location Contact
Agricultural City of Mankato Email
Small Cities, Villages, Townships Email
Apartments All Email
Commercial / Industrial All Email
Exempt Property City of Mankato Email
Small Cities, Villages, Townships Email
Manufactured Homes All Email
Residential City of Mankato Email
Small Cities, Villages, Townships Email