Posting Bail

Paying Cash at the Jail

  • Bring the exact amount of cash to the Justice Center Jail Lobby at 401 Carver Road (during business hours) or the Release Lobby (after business hours).
  • Fill out the appropriate paperwork with the front desk or custody officer.
  • Receive a receipt.

Contract with a Bail Bondsman

  • Contact a bail bondsman (see list posted in various jail lobbies, in a phonebook, on the internet, etc.).
  • Meet with the bondsman to fill out the appropriate paperwork.
  • The bondman will then give the paperwork to the front desk or custody officer.

Inmate Release Disclaimer

Please understand that some bail amounts come with conditions that may delay the inmate’s release. Examples include: 

  • Electronic home monitoring (Alcohol or GPS) **additional cost**
  • Jail drug testing **additional cost**
  • Meet with probation before release
  • Victim notification
These conditions can only be started after the cash bail or bond has been received. This will delay the inmate’s release until all conditions are satisfied.

Electronic Home Monitoring

If you have questions regarding Electronic Home Monitoring, contact the Blue Earth County Probation Department at (507) 304-4750.