Eligibility & Intake

Program Participation

Through the Minnesota Comprehensive Children’s Mental Health Act, case management services are available to children with a severe emotional disturbance. Case managers help to assess the needs of a child and develop a plan for services based on the child’s and family’s unique strengths and needs. The plan is reviewed on a regular basis, and the case manager helps to coordinate the care provided by all person’s involved in the child’s life, such as therapy, education, and treatment.

Case management services are voluntary and may be accepted or refused by parents. If services are refused or terminated, other mental health services and community resources can continue to be made available to the family.

Children eligible for this services must be younger than 18 years of age and have a defined emotional or behavioral problem, as indicated by a diagnostic assessment completed by a mental health professional.

A referral can be made by calling (507) 304-4444.