Disability Programs / Services

Available Programs

The following programs and services may be available to individuals with disabilities and have specific eligibility criteria depending on the disability type and income. Access to these programs or services may depend upon the funding availability and further inquiries about eligibility criteria, funding availability should be directed to your case manager or the intake worker.

The following acronyms are used throughout the page:

Case Management / Service Coordination

Services are usually given through the county, and include things such as:
  • Eligibility determination
  • Identifying needs
  • Developing a service plan
  • Identifying service providers
  • Referrals for services
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation

Family Support Grant

A program for families who have a child with a developmental disability or another certified disability living at home. Disability certification happens through the Social Security Administration or State Medical Review Team. It provides an annual monetary grant for expenses families assume as a result of the disability.

Community Support Grant

A program that is a state-funded alternative to Medicaid home care services. Participants may use these funds to purchase a variety of goods, supports, and services beyond the usual home care categories. For further information about Community Support Grant (CSG).


Respite is providing another caregiver for the child with a disability in order to give families some relief from care giving.

Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS)

Provides services to adults with a developmental disability living in their home. Common areas of support include:
  • Meal planning / preparation
  • Money management
  • Home maintenance
  • Self-administration of medications
People usually receive a certain number of hours of service each week.

Home Care

Provides a range of services to address the person’s activities of daily living, health related procedures and tasks, observation, redirection of behaviors and instrumental activities of daily living. Eligibility for and how much services are provided is based on an assessment of need. Depending upon the type of home care services, the funding can come from MA, private health insurance and/or Medicare. For information about Personal Care Assistant Programs.

Disability Waiver Services

Uses Medical Assistance dollars to provide a wide range of services to eligible persons with a disability. The range of services can help address needs with health care, employment, and residential supports.