Safety Tips


A roadway is a dangerous place to be. Every group member should possess these qualifications:
  • Mental alertness / good common sense
  • Good physical condition, including sight and hearing
  • Sense of responsibility for safety of self and others
  • Supervision for workers under age 18

Plan Ahead

  • Review safety precautions and take them seriously.
  • Assign work teams and leaders before you reach the site. Distribute trash bags beforehand. Estimate the amount of time for your pickup and agree on a meeting place when you're done.
  • Carpool to the site to reduce the number of vehicles along the road. Park vehicles off the roadway as far as possible and on the same side of the highway.
  • Bring along an adequate first aid kit. Identify the nearest hospital and know how to get there in an emergency.
  • Don't overexert yourself. Bring along a supply of drinking water and take breaks.

While You Work

  • Work only during daylight hours during good weather.
  • Work one side of the road at a time. Do not cross the road to get to your vehicle.
  • Whenever possible, face oncoming traffic. Stay alert and be prepared to move out of the way in an emergency.
  • Stay with your team.
  • Do not wear headsets, which could prevent you from hearing traffic or other hazards.
  • Do not crush collected trash to make more room in the bag; broken or jagged objects could cause accidental injuries.
  • Do not pick up syringes or hypodermic needles. Please report them to Blue Earth County for disposal.
  • Do not horse around or do anything to purposely distract drivers.

What to Avoid

  • Stay away from construction sites, mowing activities, open water, bridges, overpasses, or retaining walls that could be dangerous for workers.
  • Avoid poison ivy or other noxious weeds.
  • Stay away from recently applied herbicides.
  • Never try to pick up heavy, large, or hazardous materials. Notify Blue Earth County for pickup.

What to Wear

  • Heavy gloves
  • Heavy leather shoes or boots
  • Light colored clothing / brightly colored cap
  • Hat and long sleeves to prevent sunburn
  • High-visibility vests
  • Sunscreen and insect or tick repellent

Adopt-A-Highway is a public service program for volunteers to pick up litter along Blue Earth County highways. For more information, contact Blue Earth County Highway Department at (507) 304-4025.