Adolescent Chemical Dependency

Chemical Use Assessments

Blue Earth County Human Services provides chemical use assessments (Rule 25 assessments) to assess individuals for substance use disorders.
  The assessment determines whether the individual is chemically dependent and provides recommendations for an appropriate level of treatment. 

Chemical use assessments are available to individuals who meet financial eligibility guidelines for treatment funding. This public funding source in Minnesota is known as the Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund (CCDTF).

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Reform

From July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2022, the State of Minnesota will be reforming the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment system. Changes include moving away from the current “Rule 25 Assessment” to a “Direct Access” approach for obtaining services. The direct access approach will allow individuals to go directly to a treatment provider to receive a comprehensive assessment and initiate treatment services. Blue Earth County’s Substance Use Disorder services will be going through several changes as a result of the reform.  

Please continue to re-visit this page or the State of Minnesota’s Department of Human Services ADAD webpage for additional changes to services available for substance use disorders.

SUD Reform changes will focus on a person-centered approach to proving the right level of service at the right time in treating chemical use disorders like other chronic health conditions. Minnesota Department of Human Services has received federal approval to include additional treatment services for individuals who meet the financial eligibility guidelines for Medicaid benefits.  These services include comprehensive assessments, peer support services, withdrawal management, and treatment coordination.

During the SUD reform process, Blue Earth County Human Services will continue to coordinate Rule 25 assessments for individuals who meet the eligibility requirements. Please refer to the link below for a listing of current contracted providers:

SUD Assessment Provider List Link

Adult intake and referrals for SUD Assessments, call: 507-304-4145
Adolescent intake and referrals for SUD Assessments, call: 507-304-4444