Property Assessment Appeals

The county’s estimate of what the property would sell for (valuation) and our determination of how the property is used (classification) can be appealed if the property owner or taxpayer does not agree with the assessment.

Blue Earth County mails out a notice of valuation and classification each year in early spring. This notice lists information about the assessment and provides instructions for appealing.  

Three-Step Appeal Process

The three-step appeal has no costs associated with it: 


Property owners are encouraged to contact the property appraiser by calling (507) 304-4251 or by emailing the
appraiser responsible for your property type and location. Many property owner concerns can be resolved by speaking with an appraiser.

Local Board of Appeal

If your questions or concerns are not resolved, you may appear before the local Board of Appeal and Equalization or attend the open book meeting in your community. These meetings are held in April or May. Please reference the meeting date and time below or contact your appraiser to find out the time and place of the meeting. Your appeal can be made by virtual appeal, through a letter, or through an authorized representative.

County Board of Appeal

If your questions or concerns are not resolved at the local Board of Appeal and Equalization, you may appear before the County Board of Appeal and Equalization in mid-June. Please contact the Assessor's Office at (507) 304-4251 to be placed on the agenda for the Board. Property owners who appeal their assessments at this level must have first appeared before the Local Board of Appeal and Equalization.

2022 Local Boards of Appeal and Equalization (LBAE) Meetings

Due to COVID-19, LBAE Meetings will be held virtually rather than at town halls. Meeting information, including time/date, and call-in numbers, can be found below. 

  1. Madison Lake
  2. Decoria Twp.
  3. Pleasant Mound Twp.
  4. Rapidan Twp.
  5. Butternut Valley Twp.
  6. City of Mankato
  7. Danville Twp.
  8. City of Lake Crystal

Meeting Date: Mon., April 25, 2022

Time: 11:00 a.m.

Zoom Meeting Link (If participating by computer)

Phone:  (888) 788-0099  

Meeting ID:  919 2083 4917

Passcode, if requested: 383666