Property Ownership

Property Taxes

In Minnesota, property taxes are almost always the responsibility of the property owner. The county’s real estate recordings division maintains the recorded documents that help show who is the current owner of every piece of property in the county.

Transfer of Property Ownership

As property is sold and purchased, deeds are used to document the transfer. The county does not provide legal advice in completing property transfers. Individuals should consult knowledgeable real estate professionals to help them with property transfers.


The mapping section of the Property and Environmental Resources Department maintains maps that show current owners for all parcels in Blue Earth County. The maps show the current owner based on the legal descriptions that are listed on the deeds being used to transfer the property. They assign the parcel identification number to that property based on the county’s system.

If a property is transferred that results in a new legal description (a property that is split into two new properties or when more than property is combined into just one legal description), our mapping section updates the records to reflect the ownership for that legal description. They also assign a new parcel number.

This information is also maintained to the best of our ability in the county’s property tax information system. This system shows who we have listed as the taxpayer. It is searchable by address or parcel number and provides current and historical tax information, special assessments, and tax breakdowns by jurisdiction.

For More Information

Please contact the Property and Environmental Resources Department if you have questions regarding property ownership, transferring property, splitting or combining parcels, or have any other questions. Staff can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at (507) 304-4251.