Wetland Permits

Wetlands in Minnesota are regulated by the Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) established in 1991. The Wetland Conservation Act regulates activities that could impact wetlands.

Prior to starting a project, anyone proposing to drain, fill or disturb an area that could be a wetland should contact the local government unit responsible for administering the Wetland Conservation Act in Minnesota. Enforcement of violations is done by the local unit of government and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

In Blue Earth County there are three local units of government that regulate wetlands within their jurisdiction:

Blue Earth County Wetlands Contact:


Dane Lynch

Blue Earth County Property and Environmental Resources
Ph: (507) 304-4251
City of Mankato Wetlands Contact:
Paul Vogel
City of Mankato
Community Development
Ph: (507) 387-8599

Public Right-of-Way Wetlands Contact:
Ryan Thilges
Blue Earth County Public Works Department
Ph: (507) 304-4025