In order to help protect public health, groundwater quality and groundwater quantity, it is important for wells to be properly constructed, maintained, and sealed when no longer in service. The County has long recognized the importance of our groundwater resources and entered into a delegation agreement with the state in 1989 to regulate and inspect the construction, reconstruction and sealing of wells.

This agreement authorizes the County to enforce the State Well Code and County Ordinance for residential/domestic water wells, non-community public water supply wells, irrigation wells & industrial or commercial wells. In accordance with the Water Well program, the County has the authority and responsibility to:

  • Issue permits to construct, reconstruct and seal wells and borings
  • Issue annually renewable maintenance permits for wells not in use but protected with the appropriate safeguards
  • Inspect the construction of new wells and borings, reconstruction of existing wells, and sealing of unused wells and borings.
  • Ensure that the appropriate safeguards are met for maintenance permit approval.
  • Property transfer (well disclosure) follow up with property owners to seal unused wells.
  • Maintain well records
  • Provide well information to contractors, other professionals, and the public
  • Respond to well and well water-quality problems caused by groundwater contamination and natural disasters such as floods