Rural Addressing / New Addresses

Helping to Improve Emergency Dispatch Services

The Blue Earth County Board of Commissioners adopted a Rural Addressing Ordinance in 1999 to ensure uniformity in addressing and to improve the dispatching of emergency responders to rural areas.

Based on the standards in the Rural Addressing Ordinance, the Property and Environmental Resources Department issues new addresses before a Construction Permit is issued for a new dwelling or building site in the unincorporated areas of the County. Each city in Blue Earth County assigns addresses for the properties within their city limits.

Installing House Number Signs

Blue Earth County installed street identification signs in areas outside of city limits, but the County does not have a program to install house number identification signs. Several townships in the County have installed house number identification signs. For information on whether your township has a program, please contact your township.

Townships generally work with vendors to install new and replacement rural addressing signs. Vendor contact information is provided below for companies that townships have used.

Clear Horizons Sign Management & Installation Programs

Phone: (507) 334-5804

Earl F. Anderson Signs

Phone: (800) 862-6026

M & R Signs

Phone: (800) 231-5564

Recommendation from the Sheriff

Pursuant to the standards in the County Rural Addressing Ordinance, the Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Department recommends that addresses be displayed on mailboxes with three-inch reflective typeface. The last name identification on mailboxes is also helpful.