Blue Earth County is responsible for administering elections and also assists many townships, school districts, and cities with the election process. 

In 2023 there are no State Elections scheduled. The local elections that have officially been called are School Elections only.

  • ISD 2835 Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton has a Special Election. Please reach out to the school district for more information at (507) 231-7772.
  • ISD 77 Mankato Area Public Schools has a Special Election. Blue Earth County has entered into an agreement with ISD 77 to administer this Special Election. All questions regarding voting, hours, or locations should be directed to Blue Earth County Elections at bec.elections@blueearthcountymn.gov or by calling (507) 304-4341. All questions regarding the referendum or the ballot questions should be directed to the ISD 77 District Offices at maps@isd77.org or by calling (507) 387-1868. Please visit the ISD77 website for more information about the referendum vote. 

The Election date is November 7th, 2023.

Click here to learn more about voting early in person or by mail for state elections.

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