Access Control

Blue Earth County Highway Right of Way

The County requests the cooperation of all persons owning or renting land adjacent to highways under the jurisdiction of Blue Earth County. Plowing, planting, or dumping stones and debris on the right of way contributes to erosion, is unsightly, and creates a hazard for mowing the ditch. It is also in violation of Minnesota Statute 160.27 Subd. 5.

Mowing in the Right of Way

The County will be mowing the entire right of way in the south one-third of the County during the summer. This includes any crops planted within the right of way. The other two-thirds will be shoulder mowed, spot sprayed, and spot mowed for sight distance and weed control.

Submitting a Request for Mowing for Hay / Not Spraying

Requests for areas to be mowed for hay and not sprayed should be directed to the County Highway Department at (507) 304-4025.