Financial Assistance

Applying for Financial Support

The Financial Assistance Unit provides financial support to low-income residents of Blue Earth County. We determine eligibility for public assistance programs such as cash, food, health care, and child care benefits.

Program Participation

In order to be eligible for these programs, you need to submit an application and meet the specific program guidelines which include income and asset limits. An interview is required for most programs.

Eligibility Screening Tool

To see if you may be eligible for our programs, use the Eligibility Screening Tool provided by Bridge to Benefits.

Application Process & Guidelines

Check out how to apply for financial assistance.

Report Fraud

Blue Earth County is committed to ensuring the programs we administer are providing benefits to people who are eligible to receive them. Anyone who suspects public assistance fraud can report it anonymously by calling (800) 627-9977 or locally at (507) 304-4377.

File an Appeal

If you are unhappy with the action taken or feel the agency did not act on your request for assistance, you may appeal. Your appeal rights are listed on the back of the notice the agency sent you. You must appeal within certain timeframes, so read your notices carefully. You should appeal in writing by submitting the form DHS 0033, Appeal to State Agency.