Construction & Demolition Waste


Construction and Demolition Waste (C&D) waste is waste material generated by the demolition of roads, buildings, and other structures. C&D waste typically consists of mostly inert materials, such as concrete, brick, waste lumber, plaster, sheet rock, roofing materials, ceramic plumbing fixtures, etc.
Because C&D waste is mostly inert materials, C&D landfills do not have the same requirements for construction as MSW landfills. For this reason, C&D landfills are not permitted to accept household garbage or other MSW. MSW, hazardous wastes, furniture, waste tires, appliances, fluorescent lighting and mercury containing devices must be removed from a structure before it is demolished.

C&D Landfill Location & Contact Information

Currently, Pilgrim Demolition Landfill is the only C&D landfill within Blue Earth County.
  • It is operated by Minnesota Paving & Materials, and is located on the northern edge of Mankato at 57032 231st Lane. 
  • It is permitted to take C&D waste, and accepts waste from contractors, waste haulers, and the general public.
  • Call (507) 388-3122 for information about what wastes are accepted, hours of operation, and rates.