Subdivisions & Lot Splits

Process of Dividing Land

The division of land in Blue Earth County is not always as simple as creating a new property line. Often times a survey is required and in some instances a subdivision plat is required to properly proceed with the splitting of an individual piece of property.

Subdivision plats and lot splits are taken before the Blue Earth County Planning Commission in the form of a public hearing. The Planning Commission makes a formal recommendation to the Blue Earth County Board of Commissioners. The Board of Commissioners take final action on the request.

Contacting the County

Due to the complexity of lot splits and subdivisions, please contact the Blue Earth County Property and Environmental Resources Department for more information regarding your specific property or general questions you may have regarding the division of properties in Blue Earth County.

Property Within Mankato Township or Lime Township

Please contact the City of Mankato with questions pertaining to the division of property/lot splits within Lime and Mankato Townships. The division of property within the city limits should be reviewed by the city office.