Construction Permits

When a Permit is Required

A Construction Permit (commonly referred to as a building permit) is required on properties located outside city limits if you are:

  • Building a structure, including agricultural structures
  • Moving a structure
  • Adding onto an existing structure, including decks
  • Making a structural alteration, including change of roof lines and excavation for footings, foundations, slabs, basements, or other parts of a structure

Note: Typical structure maintenance like re-shingling, re-siding, or replacing windows and doors does not require a construction permit from Blue Earth County. Please consult your local zoning authority for permit requirements for these activities.

Permit Details

A construction permit deals primarily with the site setbacks. It can take up to 10 business days from application to permit issuance and sometimes longer. A permit is valid for one year. The fees for construction permits are the following: 

  • Construction - Residential - $250
  • Construction - Commercial - $350
  • Accessory Building (this is considered a structure not attached to a dwelling) - $100

Location & Zoning

Determining which permits you need for a building project, as well as who issues the permits, depends on where your project is located within Blue Earth County and the zoning classification of the property. Blue Earth County is not responsible for issuing construction permits within Lime and Mankato Townships, or within city limits. The City of Mankato issues construction permits for both Lime and Mankato Townships.

You may also want to contact the Customer Services & Records Division of the Blue Earth County Property & Environmental Resources Department to find out how your project will affect your property taxes.