Health Insurance (Medical Assistance/MinnesotaCare)

Keep Your Health Insurance

If you have Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare, your health insurance needs to be renewed annually. Be prepared for your renewal.


Report address and phone number changes

It’s important we are able to reach you when it’s time to renew your health insurance. Don’t risk losing your health insurance and possible disruptions in seeing your doctor or filling a prescription. Call the Blue Earth County Financial Assistance office at 507-304-4335 to update your contact information.


Watch for the circle in blue when it’s time to renew

You’ll get an envelope in the mail marked “important information enclosed” with your renewal paperwork.



Look up when your renewal takes place

Know when to watch your mailbox for your renewal information: Look up your renewal month with the renewal date lookup tool.

Medical Assistance enrollees can expect their renewal to take place based on the anniversary month of their application for coverage. If you work with a health plan, contact them to learn more about when your specific renewal will take place. MinnesotaCare enrollees can expect their eligibility renewal beginning in October 2023 for coverage effective January 1, 2024.



Connect with a trusted partner

MNsure-certified navigators are trained experts at local, trusted community organizations. You can use a navigator to help you fill out your application and enroll in coverage. They can also help with coverage renewals, report changes to your account, and provide enrollment follow-up. Services from MNsure-certified navigators are always free. Navigators specialize in Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare enrollment. Search the Assister Directory for a navigator near you.



How to renew your coverage

Blue Earth County offers many ways for you to renew your medical insurance coverage:

1. Mail. Put your renewal documents in the return envelope provided, add postage, and place in the mail.

2. Online. Upload your documents online.

3. Fax. Drop off the documents or fax them to Blue Earth County at 507-304-4336.

4. Kiosk. Stop at the Blue Earth County office, located at 410 S. 5th Street, Mankato, to drop off your renewal paperwork via the kiosk, located at Door A.