Non-Licensed Reserve Unit

The Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Non-Licensed Reserve is an organization that provides assistance and service to the Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Blue Earth County.  A link to the Reserve Unit application is near the bottom of this page.


Reserve Unit candidates must:

    Be a citizen of the United States.

    Be 18 years of age or older.

    Possess a valid Minnesota driver’s license and valid auto insurance.

All applicants will be subject to a background check prior to becoming active and placement.  Selected applicants will also be required to successfully complete a psychological consultation prior to placement on the Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit.


As outlined in Minnesota State Statute Sec.626.84 Subdivision 1.(2).(e): “Reserve officer” means an individual whose services are utilized by a law enforcement agency to provide supplementary assistance at special events, traffic or crowd control, and administrative or clerical assistance, and shall include reserve deputies, special deputies, mounted or unmounted patrols, and all other employees or volunteers performing reserve officer functions. A reserve officer’s duties do not include enforcement of the general criminal laws of the state, and the officer does not have full powers of arrest or authorization to carry a firearm on duty.”

With this statute in mind it is important that each Sheriff Reserve know and understand that their role is to provide supplementary assistance to the Sheriff’s Office under the direction of the Sheriff. The ability to act in the role of a Reserve is to understand that the action is at the direction or command of licensed staff at all times.

Each Reserve will undergo and participate in detailed training that will enable them to respond to their role. Training will include: first aid/CPR, use of force, handcuffing techniques, crowd management, prisoner transport, traffic control, crime scene/event security, radio communication and search and rescue. Additional training may be required at the discretion of Sheriff.

Each Reserve must focus on the training given and how that training is used by the Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Office to provide “supplementary assistance.” Each reserve must also focus on how the training relates to the security, safety, and self-defense of the individual and the public while understanding the implications of criminal and civil liability.

Obligations and Commitment

The Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Office has developed a reserve unit to aid sworn staff in certain instances and events. Member participation will be evaluated on a continual basis to ensure they are a resource THAT IS AVAILABLE, ACCESSIBLE, DEPENDABLE, AND EFFECTIVE when needed and called upon to assist.

All members of the Reserve Unit are required to obtain at a minimum 50 hours of service per calendar year and attend a minimum of 75% of all general reserve unit meetings. Each reserve member must successfully complete all mandated training and learning objectives. Attendance at meetings, trainings and special events all count towards the 50-hour minimum.

Failing to meet and maintain the required service hours and mandated trainings or failing to follow all policy provisions may result in discipline or dismissal from the reserve unit. It shall be the responsibility of all reserve members to seek advice or clarification from trainers and sworn members of the office in matters they do not understand.

All Reserve Unit members are required to disclose any criminal or civilian actions taken against them in their private lives. Such incidents must be reviewed by Sheriff’s Office Administration to ensure that the reserve unit member can legally, morally, and ethically carry out their duties as a reserve unit member.

No member of the Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Reserve Unit will portray themselves as a licensed deputy, nor will they carry any unauthorized equipment or modify their personal vehicle to resemble a law enforcement vehicle. Such behavior may result in the immediate dismissal of the member from the unit.


Applications are accepted on a continual basis.  To apply, complete an online application.

Additional Questions

Contact Lieutenant Kyle Phillips with any questions regarding the Non-Licensed Reserve Unit.